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In 2008, Chelyabinsk Tractor Parts Factory initiated an R&D project to extend life of bulldozer rollers using polymer composite materials. In February, 2009 and October, 2011, experimental inserts for support rollers and carrier rollers were manufactured in accordance with approved drawings and underwent performance testing.

From July 30, 2009 to December 30, 2009, in quarries in the village of Shakhmatovo of Chebarkul district of Chelyabinsk oblast, and from July 19, 2013 to February 13, 2015, in quarries of Troitsk district of Chelyabinsk oblast, supervised tests of B 10 bulldozer rollers (Shakhmatovo) and ES 10 (Troitsk) were carried out; the rollers were fitted with Oxafen composite material inserts.
At the Shakhmatovo quarry, 450 motor hours were accrued, and at the Troitsk quarry, 2500 motor hours. Complete disassembly of bulldozer rollers (for ongoing wear measuring) was not performed to avoid damaging the integrity of parts and causing down time. Periodical visual inspection (checking for play, wobble, heating) did not reveal any problems with rollers over the whole supervised operation period.

Performance testing continued until outside parts of rollers reached wear limit, which precluded continued operation of bulldozers without major overhaul.

In February, 2015, after removal and disassembly of rollers, performance test of Oxafen inserts for support and carrier rollers was deemed successful based on the following results:

  • no play and beat was detected;
  • no lubricant leaks were found;
  • removed inserts did not reach terminal wear and were fit for continued operation in bearings of bulldozer rollers.

Based on positive results of long-term performance tests, Oksafen composite material was recommended for manufacture of bulldozer track roller inserts; other applications of this material for anti-friction components in tractor vehicles are being considered.

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