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What we offer
Defeat friction with our details and materials
Details made by us
  • Implementation consultation
  • Support from discussing technical specifications to further improvements once the details are installed
  • Available for consultations 24/7
  • The price is discussed and agreed on after discussing technical specifications
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Our materials for your own needs
If you think that you need just the material and are ready to process them yourself:

  • Consultations on how to process the material
  • Further improvements/modifications the materials based on your needs
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How we work with our clients
Getting to know each other
We start by getting to know our client: company, industry, problems. Also, we tell the client about our capabilities and ways we can help to grow their business by implementing our materials and details.
Defining areas of mutual cooperation
Once we know enough about each other it is time to examine the issue that needs to be solved. It might be by means of using our current materials, producing details, modifying materials to fit them to the needs of our clients.
Technical cooperation
When the problem is defined and we both are sure that our materials and details will be of great help, we start technical cooperation. This stage includes budgeting, technical specifications, production of the test batch, logistics and other arising questions.
Testing and certification
After producing a test batch, we help our clients to install it, define the testing period, key performance indicators, certify materials if needed.
Mass production
If everything is working as expected, we sign an agreement and ship full batch to our client. If there are any issues, we modify the material or details to meet clients' expectations.
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