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Wear-resistant thrust washers of multi-stage centrifugal pumps made of Oxafen OPM-94 anti-friction composite material are widely used in borehole oilfield ESPs, in particular in high-output pumps and pumps for wells with high content of gas and/or solid particles in the reservoir fluid.

In wells with high content of gas and/or solid particles in the fluid, ESPs often fail due to increased wear of surfaces experiencing friction. In addition to providing axial support, thrust bearings of runners serve to seal the runner against the distributor. Severe operating conditions often limit the choice of optimal materials for washer design. In high-output units, severe axial loads on thrust washers are combined with high linear rotation velocity, thus the material of the thrust bearing needs to be highly wear-resistant. Thrust washers of high-output ESPs operating under high axial loads and in severe conditions always have the necessary wear resistance if they're made of Oxafen OPM-94 composite material.
Recently, Russian oil industry has been experiencing steadily worsening operating conditions of oil wells. Many formations with favorable geological conditions are entering the 'late' stage of production as petroleum reserves become more and more difficult to extract.

The main indicators of ESP performance are time before overhauls (TBO) and mean time before failure (MTBF). Reducing costs in oil production hinges on improving these factors. Therefore, petroleum companies pressure equipment manufacturers and service organizations to improve time before overhauls and mean time before failure, and to reduce breakdown rate of electrical submersible pumps.
A well-known shortcoming of cheap fabric-reinforced epoxy laminate (sometimes called "carbolite" by vendors) thrust washers is low wear resistance in heavy duty equipment. Thus such cost-cutting measures involving installing cheap washers at the factory often leads to significant expenses due to unscheduled repairs.

Production of thrust washers for runners of high-output electrical submersible pumps and pumps designed for fluids with high gas and particle content is easily solved by implementing Oxafen OPM-94. It provides high load capacity and wear resistance of the thrust bearing in dry friction while simultaneously improving anti-friction properties in fluids containing abrasive contaminants.
In the runner-distributor coupling, Oxafen OPM-94 also acts as a solid lubricant, maintaining the function of the thrust washer in dry friction conditions which occur in wells with high gas content in the fluid.

Oxafen OPM-94 ensures good run-in of thrust washers and as a consequence, effective sealing of the discharge chamber of the pump; improves reliability and useful life of the washer itself and runner as a whole, and allows to use pumps in wells with high solid particle content in the fluid (high abrasive particles content in the pumped medium).

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