Oxafen OPM-94

Anti-friction laminated polymer structural material possessing unique tribological properties for applications in extreme dry friction conditions (low and high temperatures) in various media (water, petroleum products, etc), up to 10 times more wear-resistant than currently used fabric-reinforced epoxy laminate. Sheet material, 0.5 mm to 180 mm.
The material consists of reinforcing polymer fibers, a heat-resistant polymer matrix, and organo-element functional additives, as well as transition metal derivatives.
Industrial application
Oxafen OPM-94 may be used in:

  • Urban public transport — journal pin bushings of bus and trolleybus suspensions
  • Agricultural machinery — straw walker half-bearings of combine harvesters, header auger finger guides of combine harvesters
  • Railways — freight bogie center plate assemblies, brake rigging bushings, and parts friction shock absorbers of wagons
  • Compressors — blades of vortex compressor stations at cement plants;
  • Wood processing — sliding blocks of saw guide rails.
The above mentioned are examples of fields where Oxafen OPM-94 has been successfully implemented. It may be used in a variety of different fields where there is a need to reduce friction losses.

Oxafen OPM-94 is produced as sheets of laminate composite material. The standard size of the sheet is 1350x750 mm. Thickness of the sheet (0.5 to 110 mm) can be specified by the customer.
Physical and mechanical properties
The material is resistant to contact loading of up to 1800 kg/cm², performs well both in Arctic conditions and in high (up to 200-250 °C) temperatures with a coefficient of friction ≈ 0.1 – 0.2. Wear resistance of the material in comparable conditions is up to 5 times higher than for fabric-reinforced epoxy laminate and other tribological industrial materials.

Parts made of Oxafen OPM-94 are particularly useful if it's difficult or impossible to use traditional lubricants: in thrust bearings of oilfield submersible pumps, rotary compressor blades, freight car center plates, inserts of plain bearings of rubber mixers and devulcanizers, sliding blocks of wood processing saws, and so on.
Additional characteristics
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