Antifrictional isotropic polymer constructional material of dry friction. Its production technology allows manufacturing complex-shaped pieces using standard equipment: heavy-duty bushings for vehicles, conveyor bearings, plain bearings for oilfield equipment, and many other parts.
Material characteristics
How we came up with the idea
Leading tribology experts say that tribochemically stable polymer composites in friction units improve performance. According to modern friction and wear theory, wear resistance of polymer composite materials is primarily determined by the stability of coefficient of friction over time. Polymers that provide a stable coefficient of friction over a long period of time within a certain temperature range are called "tribostable". In Oxafen, boundary lubrication is provided by destruction products of the polymer which are produced in the process of friction. The material is highly tribostable and self-lubricating. Properties of Oxafen, proven by multi-year tests and production service, make it a highly desirable material for heavy-duty friction units.
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