About us

Our team of specialists has considerable practical and scientific experience in development and production of anti-frictional wear-resistant polymer composite materials and construction of frictional unit details where developed polymer composites are effectively applied.

Since 1998 we have undergone the path of constant research and numerous experiments, numerous bench and maintenance tests, launching into the manufacture of materials and details. The result of our activities is the implementation of friction bearings in a wide range of spheres of mechanical engineering.

The materials of Oxafen Technologies enjoy technical credibility both in production and R&D. The specialists from specialized institutions of Russian Academy of Sciences participate in our R&D and experimental work. Such close cooperation in R&D enables us to constantly improve the Oxafen series materials by giving it new physical-mechanical properties.

Our unique and original work is proved by numerous patents and scientific publications. Our staff considers every cooperation proposal with its best efforts in order to effectively and efficiently solve the problems of our customers in a cost-effective manner. We're proud to offer non-formal approach and attention to particulars in our solutions.
The competency and experience of our employees enable us to create the samples of details with the required physical and chemical properties as soon as possible. Our customers choose us as a proven and reliable supplier of wear-resistant polymer composite materials and details.

We would like to invite you to fruitful and mutual cooperation. With our materials, you're going to be able to defeat friction!
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